Spring and Summer Holidays. Make Them Memorable

Spring and Summer is here and many of us will be celebrating holidays and entertaining family and friends. There is no better time to make the most of the warm weather and extend your entertaining plans outside. Try these delightful holiday entertaining and decorating ideas to help you jump into summer and welcome the Sun […]

Patio Furniture Cushions – 7 tips to liven up a patio

One of the simplest and affordable ways of beautifying your patio furniture may be with outdoor cushions. The combo of visual appeal, good quality fabrics as well as different configurations can make purchasing outdoor cushions a very good investment decision that can benefit your patio for years. You could certainly put some life back into your outdoor space, or even re-create the style of your favorite resort by simply adding the ideal outdoor cushions.

Clean And Maintain Your Patio Umbrella

Cleaning your outdoor patio umbrella appropriately will prolong its usefulness by years. An outdoor umbrella has to combat many outdoor elements including harsh sunlight, winds, rain and dust, all which can deteriorate your umbrella significantly over time. Whether your patio umbrella is aluminum, fiberglass or wood, cleaning them is generally easy and simple. Follow these 6 easy steps to clean your umbrella.

Sunbrella To The Rescue

For years, outdoor cushions and patio umbrellas, and any other kind of outdoor seat or structure that required a fabric, used fabrics that where sometimes hard, sometimes difficult, sometimes just soft plastic. Then along came Sunbrella 100% solution dyed acrylics from Glen Raven, and everything changed. Sunbrella is an awning grade acrylic fabric that has […]

What are Umbrella Wind Vents?

To be exact, an umbrella wind vent is an opening, or a slit, between the panels in the canopy, or cover, of a patio umbrella. The wind vent servers a dual purpose, of which it’s main purpose is vent wind and heat from inside and around the umbrella.