Colorful Flower Baskets

Hanging flower baskets are a hit almost no matter where you place them. They definitely add charm and country warmth to any location you place them in. Although there are so many types and varieties to choose from, I have always favored baskets that give a lot of bright color. Green is cool, but pinks, reds, violets, whites and blues go very far in helping to create just the right atmosphere around your home and in your garden. Green works and color works too.

Storage Benches – Doing Double Duty

storage bench outdoor

If you’re talking multifunctional, you might be talking storage benches. Storage benches offer a great way to cut down on clutter in outdoor or indoor areas while providing additional seating in any environment.

Grow A Beautiful Vertical Garden

vertical garden

If you’re thinking about doing something with that bare wall in your patio, why not grow a beautiful vertical garden? Vertical gardens, also called living walls or green walls, are gaining a lot in popularity not only because of their beauty, but also how they conserve water and regulate temperature. If you’d like to grow a living wall by yourself, the easiest way is with a kit from a reliable living wall design firm, like or

Reasons to Grow Vegetables at Home

For years now, I’ve been visiting a few different East Hampton groceries, and each time I go, I always end up a cart full of vegetables. Although they do a great job of offering a wide variety of produce, I find that it doesn’t last very long, and I miss my window of opportunity for fresh eats.

For Great Advice On Planting Flowers, Try These Great Tips!

A garden can provide far more than just decorative appeal. It is also more than just something people with green thumbs can do. It is a great way to for one to relax, and to enjoy and appreciate nature. Even better if you’re a good gardener, you can see tremendous effects.