Repairing A Torn Patio Umbrella Cover

Outdoor patio umbrellas have to put up with a lot of different kinds of weather, and it’s easy for them to their cover torn. Replacing good patio umbrellas can be costly. Repairing a torn umbrella cover is a much more economical choice. The best way to repair an outdoor umbrella that has a hole or is suffering from a tear depends on what kind of fabric the umbrella uses for its cover and the severity of the damage. Here are a few guides on repairing you patio umbrella and how to maintain it tear free after.

Clean And Maintain Your Patio Umbrella

Cleaning your outdoor patio umbrella appropriately will prolong its usefulness by years. An outdoor umbrella has to combat many outdoor elements including harsh sunlight, winds, rain and dust, all which can deteriorate your umbrella significantly over time. Whether your patio umbrella is aluminum, fiberglass or wood, cleaning them is generally easy and simple. Follow these 6 easy steps to clean your umbrella.

What are Umbrella Wind Vents?

To be exact, an umbrella wind vent is an opening, or a slit, between the panels in the canopy, or cover, of a patio umbrella. The wind vent servers a dual purpose, of which it’s main purpose is vent wind and heat from inside and around the umbrella.