For Great Advice On Planting Flowers, Try These Great Tips!

A garden can provide far more than just decorative appeal. It is also more than just something people with green thumbs can do. It is a great way to for one to relax, and to enjoy and appreciate nature. Even better if you’re a good gardener, you can see tremendous effects.

The New American Vacation – The Backyard Resort

There are a variety of people that may wish to go on a restful, lighthearted family vacation away from the hubbub of their day to day working schedule.  Given that summer vacations are starting to become extremely pricey, especially for the working household, it is not really financially available. If this seems familiar for you, […]

Sunbrella To The Rescue

For years, outdoor cushions and patio umbrellas, and any other kind of outdoor seat or structure that required a fabric, used fabrics that where sometimes hard, sometimes difficult, sometimes just soft plastic. Then along came Sunbrella 100% solution dyed acrylics from Glen Raven, and everything changed. Sunbrella is an awning grade acrylic fabric that has […]

15 Ideas to Renew Your Home in a Weekend

Roll your sleeves up this weekend and try some of these great ideas to update your home – even on a tight budget! 15 easy to do tasks that will have your home up and running for summer over just a weekend.