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Minimalism is the craze these days. Through the wisdom of Marie Kondo, knick-knacks and should-keep-arounds are being tossed out the door and into the trash bin in the name of decluttering.

In the rush of trying to get rid of as many things as possible, homeowners may not be considering what they should try to be including in their home. It’s understandable, of course; materialism is rife in our modern world. Sometimes less is more. But sometimes, not having certain things adds unnecessary stress to your life, or prevents you from realizing that having a “certain something” revolutionizes your lifestyle for the better.

Check out these three things your home should have, no matter what your lifestyle may be.

A high-quality large screen television:

Maybe you don’t watch a lot of television. But you probably do watch visual media, even if it’s just on your computer or phone. The tech world has advanced enough now that a large screen television is more like a general purpose screen than something dedicated to cable news or a video game system.

Even if you have no cables, it’s possible to purchase a high-quality television and “cast” your screen onto the TV. If you watch Netflix on your phone or you play games on your 15-inch laptop, you’ll probably enjoy it a whole lot more on a large screen with more pixels and a higher resolution.

Smart TVs also tend to come with a wide range of built-in apps and integration that may be relevant.

A fantastic barbecue set:

If you haven’t used a barbecue before, it can be daunting to consider adding one to your patio. They can be expensive, they require other materials in order to be used properly, and, well, it just looks intimidating.

But barbecues are actually very easy to use, and a good-quality barbecue set can turn your approach to cooking upside down. The immense increase in quality when cooking meats, for example, will make you lament the deep freeze winter months because you can’t barbecue as much as you’d like.

Plus, you can use the barbecue for more than meat. Try out some seasoned corn on the cobs and stuffed peppers. Your stove in the kitchen will start gathering dust bunnies.

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Beautiful outdoor décor:

It is incredibly easy to neglect your yard. It can feel like a lot of effort for little gain, and sometimes it’s easier to just pretend it doesn’t exist.

Of course, when you are outdoors, you feel sad and a little disgruntled when you look at it. It could be so much better, couldn’t it?

Having beautiful outdoor décor doesn’t need to be a huge investment and time sink. In fact, some basic manicuring and landscaping can make a significant difference by itself, and the maintenance of this initial effort is nearly identical to the basic lawn care you already commit to.

The biggest contributor, however, is good old-fashioned furniture. Buying a couple plastic chairs from the local retail store may get the job done, but it doesn’t look pretty. You’d be surprised just how much better your yard will look if you invest in a great patio umbrella and some furniture that complements its appearance.

Not only will your yard look better, but you’ll find yourself wanting to spend a lot more time outdoors. Enjoying the afternoon with the family without worrying about sunburns and overheating will become an event that’s looked forward to, and you have your outdoor décor to thank for it.

Photo by Tanny Do on Unsplash