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The biggest trend in outdoor shading today is the preference for large patio umbrellas.  They’re big visual profile is a notable addition to practically any outdoor room.  Bigger umbrellas provide extra shade, comfort, and style and are a welcome unconventional accent piece.

The versatility of bigger umbrellas is why they are so popular.  Having discovered the practicality, functionality, and big stylish look of lager umbrellas, using them in their homes, yards, and even businesses, the trend is definitely growing.

What type of larger patio umbrella is right for me?

As most popular patio umbrellas, large umbrellas come in an array of material and fabrics.   Three materials of note are:

Aluminum: If you choose an aluminum framed large umbrella, you will probably have a tilt option that enables you to adjust the direction and position of your umbrella, as well as a few choices for frame color.  Large aluminum umbrella frames will also have an option to tilt either manually or mechanically.

Wood: A wood frame umbrella typically come in different shades of wood, such as light woods and dark woods. It will most likely use a pulley system to open and close. Typically, a wood market umbrella does not have a tilt option.

Stainless Steel:  Stainless steel large umbrellas are typically used for commercial establishments like restaurants, pools and clubs; but why let that stop you?  Stainless steel offers a sleek look and modern touch to your outdoor room.  Typically, stainless steel umbrellas don’t come with a tilt option.

Outdoor fabric choices

Photo by Prince Abid on Unsplash

As you shop for a large umbrella, you’ll find that there is a large selection of outdoor fabrics. UV resistant fabrics are the best choice here.  Also make sure to look for fabrics that are mildew and fade resistant. For instance:

Sunbrella Fabrics from Glen Raven Mills – The largest selection of outdoor solution dyed acrylic fabrics in many different weights and thread counts.  Bar none and top choice for outdoor fabric.  They are UV blocking, mold and mildew resistant, and come with a standard 5 year warranty.

Pacifica Fabrics from California Umbrella – A poly spun fabric that offers a standard range of colors, but with a strong warranty against UV and fade resistance.  Also a very affordable choice.

Outdura Fabrics from Sattler AG – Outdura is comparable to Sunbrella in many ways.  Also a solution dyed acrylic fabric, they offer a unique line of colors as well as a nice standard offering.

Cabana By Perennials – A lovely line of deep and rich standard colors; Cabana is also a solution dyed acrylic that comes with an awesome 5 year warranty.  Because its offered in eighteen solid colors that complement Perennials’ outdoor upholstery fabrics, coordinating Cabana with your design plan is easy.

Taking care of your umbrella

Despite the fact that an outdoor umbrella is built for most outdoor conditions, it is always a good idea to close your umbrella while not in use.  Maintaining your umbrella can be as simple as storing it when not in use, but it might be cool to follow a good maintenance plan.

Photo by Rob Bye on Unsplash