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Personalize landscaping and discover benefits of a garden bridge.  A beautiful addition to any home, garden bridges deliver peace and harmony to landscapes.

Soothing for the soul

Gardens are retreats, private patches of serenity where the world stops and worries are no more.  Complete tranquil scenes with a beautiful garden bridge.  People with home ponds place their bridges nearby.  A pastoral atmosphere invites peaceful calm and revitalization after a hectic day.

Signature features

Garden bridges accommodate a many types of landscapes, even ones without water.  Have fun creating an obstacle for your garden bridge to traverse.  A river of stones makes an interesting element under a garden bridge.  Or let a garden bridge make a path over a pond of flowers.  Wooden garden bridges come in many styles to suit any design function imaginable.  Low rails or steep arcs, the right garden bridge is waiting for you.  Let it reflect your personality and creativity.

Enduring symbols of transit

Solid wood garden bridges offer amazing resilience to the elements.  Popular types of garden bridge wood and their characteristics include:

  • Pine:  Light yellow, this wood stains to any shade you desire.  Garden foot bridges of this type should be pressure-treated for extra durability.
  • Cedar:  Naturally resistant to rot and insects, this incredibly strong wood easily endures years of use.  A classic garden bridge material!
  • Redwood:  Withstanding the elements better than most, untreated redwood naturally ages to a beautifully gray hue.  Quick maintenance restores its beauty at any time.


Easy maintenance

Keeping a garden bridge requires little maintenance.  When cleaning a wood garden bridge, be sure to check underneath for signs of wear and tear.  Spraying off dirt and grime with a hose offers a quick clean.  Feel free to occasionally use soapy water followed by a thorough rinse.  Properly sealed wood offers unbeatable protection, so reapply sealants at least every two years.

Garden bridges bring a fun and soothing fixture to your landscape.  With a little care, you’ll enjoy the benefits of a garden bridge for years to come.