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History has shown that urns, together with properly coordinated statuary, have been the most aesthetically effectual free-standing garden ornaments. The classic garden urn is also exceptionally versatile for uses beyond planting.

Garden urns can be used best to help shape and define any garden space. More importantly, urns allow you to extend the planting area out to any part of your home, inside and out. Raise your favorite flowers above the ground or line the walkway to your front door with matching urns. There is no wrong way to use them!

Urns are available small and large, in many materials from stone to fiberglass, and in many different styles and colors. With the amount of options offered, urns can suit any type of garden, no matter how modest.

Types of Garden Urns

Garden urns are beautiful decorations for indoor and outdoor greenery. They come in a variety of sizes and materials, so matching them to your existing style is easy.

Choice materials:

  • Concrete
  • Stone
  • Terracotta
  • Fiberglass
  • Resin or cast stone
  • Clay


The grandest: Grecian urns

Inspired by themes and designs from one of the greatest civilizations that ever existed, Grecian style urns instantly add a sense of antiquity and history to any landscape or garden. These replications come in materials that maintain the details and textures of the originals, but are lightweight and incredibly resistant to chipping, fading or weathering.

Decorating tips

When planning your container garden, don’t forget to create a special place for garden urns to add a dramatic or elegant focal point, or to add height or variety to a planter arrangement on your patio, balcony, deck, or landscaped area.

Planter urns come in a wide variety of materials including terracotta, fiberglass, or resin and cast stone. Styles range from ancient Greek handmade clay urns, to the country elegance of Tuscan urns to ornate classical Italian urns.

Garden urns are also very popular water features.  Converting urns to water features add a atmospheric element to gardens, like the welcoming sound of trickling water,

A pair of statuesque garden urns at your front entrance or on your patio can transform the look of your home instantly. Explore the selections of lightweight resin or fiber stone planter urns if you want to place them on a front porch or deck.