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Let’s face it.  Market style patio umbrellas are chic and elegant looking.  From stylish street cafe’s to beautiful outdoor weddings, a market umbrella has become the most popular patio umbrella style on the market and is a great addition to any outdoor space.   Some people even place them indoors as an accent piece.

What’s the most popular market umbrella?

Since a market umbrella is basically a design style of outdoor umbrellas, you’re choices are in materials, and there are many materials to choose from.  When most people think of a market umbrella, they are thinking about wooden market umbrellas.

  • Wood market umbrellas, also known as wood patio umbrellas, come in an array of wood choices, such redwood or teak wood.
  • They come in a variety of styles, including 11 foot, 9 foot, 7 foot and 6 foot size.
  • Wooden market umbrellas are very popular in restaurants and hotel pools for the exotic look.
  • Most wood market umbrellas do not come with any kind of tilt system, and are mostly pulley and rope lift.


Fabrics and Caring

There is a large selection of fabrics. Be sure to choose fabrics that are UV, weather, and fade resistant. The most popular outdoor fabrics are Sunbrella.

The fact is that an wood market umbrella is built to withstand most weather conditions, but it’s always a good idea to close your umbrella while not in use. To keep your market umbrella looking like new, you may even consider purchasing a cover for it.