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Outdoor fire pits add a perfect touch of comfort and elegance to any outdoor setting.  Whether you decide to spice up your parties and use an outdoor fire pit to cook, or just to keep warm and cozy on those chilly nights, there are plenty of types and styles available for every situation.

Don’t let the extravagant nature of fire pits fool you! Today there are many choices available to fit virtually any budget. Whether you own a home with a complete patio or an apartment with a small deck, you’ll find plenty of choices available that will let you finally have that wonderful and cozy outdoor experience you’ve been yearning for.

fire pit

Hard to resist the temptation of relaxing by these warm fires

Photo by Karly on Unsplash

Outdoor fire pits literally come in dozens of styles. If you can imagine it, chances are you can find it. But typically, all outdoor fire pits fall into three major categories:

Fire Pit

The standard style, these are bowls or square containers that stand off the ground on short legs, used as a part of an outdoor table, or as built-in patio decor. Outdoor fire pits come in many different sizes and shapes. The materials the fire pits are made out of can vary from lots of different metals, like copper, iron, steel, and more. Some fire pits use wood or charcoal as fuel, while others run on propane or natural gas.

Fire Ring

Think of a fire ring as similar to a campfire. A fire ring is a type of outdoor fire pit that surrounds a fire with forged metal. This metal ring keeps the fire contained and safe while giving you all the ambiance of a raging campfire. One major benefit of a fire ring is that it serves as a portable (and safe) campfire in almost any outdoor environment. Camping somewhere without a built-in, stone pit? With a fire ring, you can bring the campfire to the campsite.


Chimineas are outdoor fire pits that add elegance and grandeur to any backyard or patio setting. Similar to a miniature fireplace, complete with chimney, they look like old-fashioned stoves and come in a variety of styles. Models range from contemporary, minimalist grace to old-fashioned chimineas with ornate Asian or baroque detailing. A chiminea is a fire pit that makes a bold statement, yet still retains all the wonderful functionality of simpler fire pits.