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Roll your sleeves up this weekend and try some of these great ideas to update your home – even on a tight budget!

Spring Clean

  • Have a huge spring-clean. Give away old clothes you have not worn for more than one season to charity. Free up all clutter, and throw out anything in your cupboards that is nearly empty or out of date.
  • Create some new space on your shelves by sorting through stuffed bookshelves. The extra shelving will open up the space, and you can use it to display one or two favorite collectibles.
  • Identify where natural light flows into each room. This will usually be the windows or a door. Re-position any furniture that interrupts the light flowing in.

Add Character

  • A few hand selected vintage pieces featured in your home, add character and distinct style. Try your local antique market to find a gem.
  • Bring an old chair or bureau back to life with some new upholstery or a lick of paint.

Welcoming Walls

  • Get courageous and start painting! A fresh coat of paint can transform a room overnight.
  • Wow your guests with a beautiful graphic wall motif or wall stencil. There are many designs and styles to choose from, and the new style of wall decals will not damage your paint.

Fantastic Floors

  • If you have floorboards, you can give them a quick sand and polish. Hire a professional, or save some dollars by hiring the equipment and doing it yourself.
  • Add a stunning rug to your decor. If you are on a budget, just purchase a chic carpet off-cut from your local carpet store, it will instantly brighten up the room.
  • Get your carpets professionally steam cleaned. A thorough clean can make a huge difference to the color and feel of carpets and freshen up the room.

Lovely Lighting

  • Go through your home and replace all bright light bulbs with soft flattering globes. They will enhance the rooms and the people in them.
  • Restore an old lamp with a new shade. Add a splash of color, or get creative with some fabric and decorative trim.

Create an Outdoor Room

  • Makeover your unused balcony or patio and turn it into an inviting outdoor room. Combine indoor and outdoor furnishings and group them together to encourage conversation and create a cozy feel.
  • Re-paint your old outdoor furniture and add an outdoor rug made from natural fiber.
  • Scatter colorful outdoor cushions and hang draperies from outdoor awning fabric to create a cozy sense of enclosure.

Now just give yourself permission to relax, exhale, and enjoy the rest of the weekend. You deserve it!


Photo by Joshua Ness on Unsplash