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Spring and Summer is here and many of us will be celebrating holidays and entertaining family and friends. There is no better time to make the most of the warm weather and extend your entertaining plans outside. Try these delightful holiday entertaining and decorating ideas to help you jump into summer and welcome the Sun in style.

Weekend Brunch

Preparing a casual weekend brunch outdoors for family and friends is easy and enjoyable. With a simplified menu, you also get more time to relax outdoors in the sunshine with your guests.

Because a brunch is usually served between breakfast and lunch (hence the name), you can serve meals from either breakfast or lunchtime. Popular choices include eggs and bacon, fresh croissants, colorful fruit platters and hot buttery toast. Alternatively, you could serve a high tea with cucumber sandwiches, a selection of small cakes and pastries, or scones with jam and cream.

To quench your guests thirst serve long glasses of sparkling pink champagne and ice-cold fruit juices. Then finish off with piping hot coffee or English tea.

Decorate your table with a pretty Spring or Summer theme. Use soft pastel colors such as cornflower blues, pastel pinks and muted mauves. In addition, a decorative basket of hand painted eggs or fragrant spring flowers is always an eye-catching centerpiece.

Furthermore, you can extend the springtime theme into your outdoor décor by draping soft sheer fabrics from your pergola or patio ceiling. Use beautiful patio umbrellas for framing your outdoor party area.

Easter Activities

Of course, no Summer Sunday celebration is complete without a backyard Easter egg hunt. Before the guests arrive, hide plenty of novelty eggs and candy throughout your garden. After brunch, give each child a basket and watch their little faces light up with excitement when they find the hidden treasure.

A nice personal touch is to create some little Easter Baskets yourself. All you need are white cardboard noodle boxes, colored crepe or tissue paper, and a collection of pretty Easter stickers. Get creative and decorate the baskets with pretty paper bows, cut out Easter designs and the stickers. Then write each child’s name on a basket. They will be sure to be a hit.

Whatever you do, do not forget to sit down and enjoy the occasion. Pour yourself your favorite beverage and put your feet up on your favorite patio furniture. It is always a good idea if you have done all the preparation, to designate another family member to do the cleaning up for you. That way, you can spend the remainder of the afternoon enjoying good conversation and relishing the moment.